X-Men: Visionaries 2: The Neal Adams Collection TP

Reprints X-Men (Vol 1) #56-63 & 65 (minus back stories), collecting Neals Adams run on the X-Men. This TP (which cites Tom Palmer as the colorist in the original issues), features work from different colorists. Neal Adams. His works are legend - emblazoned on the minds of every mutant enthusiast ever to set eyes on his amazing work. His artistic talents are extraordinary - contributing to the incredible success of award-winning comic book series such as the X-Men and Avengers. He is counted among the hallowed pantheon of creators who have brought to life the adventures of Marvel's most uncanny heroes of all, and his limitless imagination has broken the boundaries of pop culture to chart new grounds for an ever-evolving visual medium. He is Neal Adams - and he is a true visionary!

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