Marvel Masterworks (Vol 210) Fantastic Four Vol 16 HC Variant Dust Jacket

Written by Roy Thomas, Bill Mantlo. Art by Various. The Crusader! The Thing cured! Luke Cage joins the FF! Hulk vs. the Thing and both of them vs. the FF! Galactus vs. the High Evolutionary! Time-traveling adventures with the Invaders! And the impossible return of an improbable guest-star! Writer Roy Thomas teams with breakout art talent George Pérez, master storyteller John Buscema, and Bullpen stalwarts Sal Buscema and Rich Buckler to bring you some of the greatest FF tales of the 1970s! Trust us, True Believer, you'll know why they call it The World's Greatest Comic Magazine by the time you're done with this jam-packed Marvel Masterworks collection! Collecting FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #164-175 and ANNUAL #11, MARVEL TWO-IN-ONE #20 and ANNUAL #1, and MARVEL TREASURY EDITION #11.